Tripod and light stand wedding hanger adapter

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The Wedding Hanger is Lightweight and small fits in the minimalist bag easy 2 inches tall!
Fits 1/4 – 20 light stand thread to make a hanging tool for wedding dresses
Extra long 3/4 nut for added strength and fitment
Fits most all wood hangers typically bought on craft sites for wedding dresses!
1 Year Replacement Warranty (see mfg site for details)


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The Wedding Hanger –  Now you can hang a brides dress, wedding and bridesmaid dresses up high with ease. The adapter will fit on your tripod, light stand or other 1/4-20 thread.  See the Review here. This will adapt to your 1/4 20 threaded adapters, such as your light stand, tripod or other stand accessories that will accept the size. 1/4 20 is the standard for most consumer cameras.  Keep you and your assistants safe when hanging the dress on your wedding day.  Are you 6′ and under? This is a perfect accessory for you! Standing on those folding chairs can be dangerous, and looks unprofessional. The Wedding Hanger is ABS 3dprinted and designed and made in the USA! Ships from Florida fast!

    • Small Compact
    • Easy to use
    • Seamlessly adapts to existing equipment
    • Lightweight
    • lifetime warranty
    • No ladders needed
    • Eliminate standing on chairs

You don’t have to have a step-ladder anymore; you can use your light stand or any camera tripod with 1/4 20 thread. No more standing on chairs, struggling and using other methods that have you frustrated. PLUS! The attachment has a lifetime limited warranty. S+H $3.99 to replace the item. It sells for only $17.99 shipped to USA addresses. The Wedding Hanger comes with a 1-year warranty, only pay $3.99 for a replacement covering shipping + packaging.

The wedding hanger comes in weighing less than 2 ounces and fits in every bag.  a felt padding adheres to it will help protect the dress hanger from any damage. I look forward to getting The Wedding Hanger out to you! If you would like to see more photos head on over to the Instagram page and check out. If you have any questions reach out to me via Contact Form

Thank you for taking a look and giving The Wedding Hanger a hang! – Mark

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in


1 review for Tripod and light stand wedding hanger adapter

  1. Ashley

    Amazing. I use it with my light stand. Even my assistant wanted one after seeing it in use.

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