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Photography Workshops. Lets GO!


Photography Workshops are the best way to get hands on experience. I have been teaching others and speaking for around 7 years now. Let’s go workshop is a perfect way to have you and a group of great photographers learning their ways together. We will explore the challenges of
your location you will be working in. Photographing, editing, and getting an amazing style that you’ll love to share with your clients. Each workshop is different and will cover a good focus of topics that will help you grow! Guest speakers from my assistants will come in and tell you their story to success. In person classes are held in Daytona Beach or Port Orange.
With over 15 years experience in weddings and photography business I hope to be able to provide success stories and tricks that I have learned and put to use over the career.  I still have the check from my very first speaking class with a Camera Club here in the area. That was a valuable learning lesson in life and I am forever grateful that someone asked me to speak. it blossomed from there!

There’s nothing to fear in life except fearing failure from not trying.

LETS GO! Shoot! LETS GO! Learn!

What’s Covered


You already have a fundamental of photographing or maybe not. In the workshops I will go over each and everyone’s cameras, and their potential. Unlocking a few secrets within your camera that will help you better compose, better expose and end up with a cleaner better image you’re satisfied with.


Photographing is one thing. Post process work is another. I have a few easy techniques that will get you running on your feet to go out and photograph more. Post processing usually is the most time consuming for most. I’ve been using lightroom for over 10 years now and I know a few secrets, but that program is so deep that you can get lost easy. I’ll help you stay focused.


One thing you want is people to remember you. This way they will come back for more. Little things make people smile, leave amazing reviews and come back repeatedly. Clients may or may not forget you, but they will definitely remember how you make them feel.


This workshop is a scheduled workshop, generally weekdays but some workshops will be scheduled on weekends. The workshop will go over photographing in general, with focus topics announced for each workshop. It will include group time speaking, Q&A, stories of experience and applying it to your situation.
Once you reserve your workshop over to the right, I’ll reach out to you and give you dates to schedule yourself in. There’s going to be some homework for the workshop but don’t worry, no tests!

Ready to sign up? Click the LETS GO! button. If you do not have paypal or need a different method of payment just contact me. Want to do this in a 1/2 day class drop down and we can do it in person and hands on! You will have a teamviewer session with me over Skype and or email review of your final workshop exit.

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