Long Exposure Workshop – Night and Star Photography


DATES: September 30th 2016 | October 28th 2016 | November 26th 2016

Have you seen the buzz going around about long exposure photography? Have you wanted to try it for yourself? With my workshop we’ll go through several techniques that I have worked on to capture amazing long exposure and night/star shots right here in the Daytona Beach area. While this is not a new technique, or skill there is always minor advances that you need to keep up with before venturing out and trying long exposure work!

How does long exposure benefit you? LE photography can open you up to a new world of seeing photographs. Long exposure work will slow down or speed up your scene depending on how you work it. Stars are not the only amazing objects to capture with long exposure!

Reserve your slot now! Prices normally $250.00 per person + $65.00 for bringing a friend Now $125.00 and $50.00 for bringing a friend ($87.50 each).
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Lets Go Workshop

Long Exposure workshop in central Florida

long exposure photography workshop


Create images like these! I don’t have any special tricks regarding cameras and lenses. It’s all in technique. As part of the workshop we’ll be hands on working in the field to learn those techniques. There are not many requirements to attending the workshop except you will need a few items. Below are a few requirements with hardware and tools you may need.

  1. DSLR camera or equivalent with a manual option
    a. (optional) intervalometer (manual release cord)
  2. Wide to ultra wide lends (fisheye, 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 35mm etc.)
  3. Small flashlight with red lens or dimmable
  4. Tripod with mounts for camera
  5. Flash, led light or flashlight (used for some light painting)

During this workshop we will photograph stars. There will be a hand picked location with some walking required to escape some of the light here in the area.

With a small part of the workshop we will explore post processing of the images once complete. This will be done live as we start to unfold some of the images as well as a direct link through YouTube on a private video link. Optional items you may want is a small stool. Some locations may be sandy or dirty.

If you do not have any of the above items, loaners may be provided to you with waivers and deposits paid before the class. The workshop will also give you access to all of my long exposure photography images, with detailed explanation of how and what I did for each one of the photos. Don’t forget bug spray!

More to Long Exposure Photography than you think!



Long Exposure workshop daytona beach

Long exposure: a captured photograph that is made over a period of time.  Usually 1 second and longer can be considered long exposure. It’s intent is to capture still objects with crispness while moving objects may blur.

The principals in this workshop will give you the tricks and techniques to further expand artistic creativity by using subjects such as people, trees, buildings or other nature features. When you leave with the knowledge that I have obtained over the years you’ll be able to capture and make images with little effort.

Particularly with night sky photos you can capture stars that are just faint to the naked eye, seeing new worlds out there. Stars are out there; it takes just a few minutes in total darkness to see how many there really are. We may even be able to capture the Milky Way gaseous bands that you have seen in national geographic photographs out west. Yes, right here in your area!

Applying this same style of shooting to every day photography life, you will see a great improvement in your photography in these conditions. As well you’ll be able to apply some of the techniques for sunset and daytime photographs.


  • Better in Low light conditions
  • Beautiful Smoothing of water
  • Creating stretched clouds
  • Implying motion
  • Capturing stars
  • Better City-scapes at night
  • Amazing water fall photos
  • Implement light painting
  • Impressive rocket photos


  • Tripod
  • Steady hand
  • Fast lenses
  • Patience
  • Learning to track
  • Bug spray
  • Small flashlight with red lens
  • Camera with manual settings
  • Wide angle lens

Included materials and features:

  • Access to a secure blog/website to upload and share you images.
  • Feature on the MDP blog website under the workshop page. Each person who attends and submits to the webpage will have one image featured.
  • Quick start guide on photographing night sky.
  • Several links to helpful websites
  • Map of the darkest skies in the U.S.A


  • When will it take place? After 10 pm in East Volusia.
  • How long? Approx 2 hours.
  • What if it’s stormy? We’ll still go, you can opt to reschedule for the next class.
  • Long exposure photography is responsible for a lot of historical photographs.  The film speeds were quite slow and subjects were required to keep still until flash was introduced. This is why smiles are usually absent in older photos. The smiles were hard to hold for long periods of time.

Reserve your slot! Prices normally $250.00 per person + $65.00 for bringing a friend Now $125.00 and $50.00 for bringing a friend ($87.50 each)
Bring a friend and split the cost!

Lets Go Workshop