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I want to say thank you to our sponsors, affiliates and partners! Here’s a full list of all our of great products and services we use and recommend! Sign up or visit their links with any link on this page. Affiliates help our business grow, provide better experiences, and give you me a great toolbox to become a better photographer and provide better products.

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Thank you so much for checking out our Affiliates or sponsors. It does support our family and hopefully helps you find successful products that you can use too! I will post more Affiliates to come. If you have a great service that you’ve found and would like to share, please leave it in the comment section below! Check out my youtube channel for tutorials or visit this page

From left to right, We frequently use dropbox for sharing some files between servers and accounts, its a great way to have access to files you need or to share files with clients (unfortunately) we do not do this because we have smugmug! Smugmug is great for all hosting images, they even have a back up section that you can do additional files outside of JPG. When we travel for events like Wilmington concert or Camp Barefoot or Coldplay we use Air B&B. It can be a great way to get a home vs a hotel at the same price or less! Thankfully when I am traveling and scheduling events I have an amazing wifey that helps me, shes also the owner of Lindsay Rachael Events. She does planning, coordination, rentals and manages my business for me! Such a help! Oh also she shoots with me sometimes. When we get all done and finished with an engagement session and you have purchased a slideshow, you get a beautiful musical slideshow from Animoto! It’s pretty easy and awesome. Here’s a few slideshows to view! I love them.


If you haven’t seen some of our tutorials or slideshows, youtube is a great place to store videos. Private or public, they’ve got the monopoly on video. I love Vimeo too so check out our Affiliates here! Speaking of love: I am excited this year 2016 to announce one of the MOST comprehensive referral programs to-date. I absolutely love rewarding those who have rewarded me with their events and weddings. So our referral program is bad ass enough to make even me say YESSS! SO check it out, message me or leave a comment.

When I get all done and use up our equipment lightly I send it off to either ebay or KEH. Amazon Prime is naturally where I get last minute stuff. Sometimes amazon prime is next day by virtue of the time that I ordered, but the 2 day shipping is great! Give it a try! Adorama has all the equipment that you’ll need to start, maintain, and get last minute equipment for a photography business! If you haven’t seen Palette, this is one of the tools I use to post process photographs with lightroom and photoshop. It works with a bit more products but it is such a great tool to edit like an audio engineer in studio! Hand Cramp bye bye.. See the post here: How I love palette and use it religiously!


I hope you find some of this information useful and appreciate you taking the time to get down to the bottom! Each of the links above help our family grow and I appreciate you coming to check out our work!

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