White Room St Augustine Villa Blanca White Chapel Wedding


St Augustine might be just one of the most romantic cities in Florida. Trips and travels to this location often lead to engagement proposals and haunted ghost tours. The streets are lined with people holding hands, arm in arm and dancing in the streets. That’s where Diane + Jay come in. The White Room St Augustine where their wedding was is in the heart of the St Augustine district that you could picture in a movie. White chapel, narrow Spanish cobblestone roadways and a celebration that ended with a beautiful horse and carriage ride off to their honeymoon! It started out mid morning with hair and makeup, getting ready and heading up to the Villa Blanca for the ceremony. While most everyone turns toward Diane as she walks in the room, Jay’s expression was too good to miss. His face lit up, smile widened and it was met with Diane locking eyes and seeing her groom for the first time that day.  There were so many emotions running through both of them I would imagine, it probably felt like forever until they could hold hands and be close. The rest of the night was a beautiful reception, dancing, hugs, laughter and friends gathering around the two of them. I could go on forever about how amazing this was, but enjoy the re-visit with some photos of the day below! Isn’t the Villa Blanca Just gorgeous?!

Diane + Jay-3

Diane + Jay-14-2

Diane + Jay-6

Diane + Jay-52

Diane + Jay-61

Diane + Jay-66

Diane + Jay-68-2

Diane + Jay-35Diane + Jay-25-Edit

Diane + Jay-38

Diane + Jay-42

Diane + Jay-48Diane + Jay-58-2

Diane + Jay-32

Diane + Jay-22

Diane + Jay-95-2

Diane + Jay-105

Diane + Jay-108

Diane + Jay-113-2

Diane + Jay-114

Diane + Jay-125Diane + Jay-126

Diane + Jay-119

Diane + Jay-75-2

Diane + Jay-135

Diane + Jay-149Diane + Jay-150

Diane + Jay-155

Diane + Jay-176

Diane + Jay-162

Diane + Jay-173

Diane + Jay-177Diane + Jay-171

Diane + Jay-181

Diane + Jay-188

Diane + Jay-202

Diane + Jay-272

Diane + Jay-275

Diane + Jay-282

Diane + Jay-292Diane + Jay-296

Diane + Jay-290

Diane + Jay-253

Diane + Jay-252

Diane + Jay-422

Diane + Jay-428

Diane + Jay-425

Diane + Jay-432

Diane + Jay-439

Diane + Jay-440

Diane + Jay-431

Diane + Jay-441

Diane + Jay-491

Diane + Jay-459

Diane + Jay-443

Diane + Jay-513

Diane + Jay-522

Diane + Jay-525

Diane + Jay-531

Diane + Jay-548

Diane + Jay-505

Diane + Jay-555

Diane + Jay-567

Diane + Jay-569

Diane + Jay-585

Diane + Jay-601

Diane + Jay-533

Diane + Jay-621

Diane + Jay-627

Diane + Jay-605Diane + Jay-608

Diane + Jay-630

Diane + Jay-632-2

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