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To get right to the point, for those of you considering to hire MDP as your photographer, DO IT!!!!! 🙂

I don’t want to bore you with my story so I’ll sum it up…my friend Katie was married and used MDP as her wedding photographer. The photos were so beautiful and captured so much detail that each photo left me in awe. It was then that I knew I MUST hire MDP as my wedding photographer.

From the very beginning Lindsay was super nice and took the time to explain their packages and put my mind at ease. It’s not easy picking a package, especially being on a budget. I have to say, every package was priced very well and came with a ton of stuff! Our package came with a GTKY (get to know you) shoot which we did in Siesta Keys, FL as our engagement shoot. It was nice because we got to become very comfortable around Mark and it made it that much easier on us on our wedding day.

On our wedding day Mark was nothing short of A M A Z I N G! Now, I wanted a small and quick wedding (under 50 guests and 5 hours from start to finish). Well although that sounded great to me it wasn’t. I did not factor in enough time for photos and I regret that! Please listen to me when I say set aside a solid 1-2 hours for photos!!!! These photos are all we have (we could not afford a videographer) to look back on. All I kept worrying about was my guests being too hot (FL wedding) and guests being bored so I hurried the night along. I missed out on so many poses I wanted and also upset a few people because of being too rush rush. Slow down, take your time, enjoy the moment!

From Mark, to Lindsay to Jenn, they are all such wonderful people and they really care about you and they do all they can to be sure your day goes smoothly and perfectly. I couldn’t have been happier with my overall experience and you will be too!!

Thank you Lindsay, Mark & Jenn for EVERYTHING! Joe and I are in tears scrolling through our wedding photos and we are having the hardest time choosing which photos to use for our album 😉 we also are having not 1, not 2 but 3 canvases made and we can’t wait to display them in our home <3

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Nicole Gagliardi Bride Wedding Photography August 2, 2016

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