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Mark Dickinson Photography Referrals! Earn free photo session!

HOW AWESOME! You get referral credits  for just saying use Mark Dickinson Photography! The stats here are temporary and not finalization while I get the formula’s in order and linked stats! Check out how the program will work and you can let me know you’re interested in participating leaving a comment below! Please check out the terms and conditions below! Contest will be held periodically! So subscribe to our emails for those updates.

Print sales will be retroactive back to Nov 1 2015

Stats will be retroactive January 1, 2015

Contracts will be retroactive January 1 2015


Terms and conditions: How the Program Works!

Qualified Referrals. A Qualified Referral occurs when:

Any person(s) can refer others to MDP photography services. You do not need to be a current customer of MDP.

Eligibility: To be eligible for participation in the referrals program, the Referrer must not need to be a current customer of MDP. Both the Referrer and the Referred must be at least 18 years of age. The referred Customer must agree to the terms as indicated within this program. With discretion, any person at MDP may revoke eligibility for credits for violations such as (but not limited to): Spam, paid linking, or other malicious contest gain acts. Referrals for weddings MUST be on the contract to be valid for the $100.00 referral bonus. A one time 25.00 credit will be provided to the contracting person who provides the referee after the contract was issued. Shipping, Tax, and other up-charges may be required to complete the transaction while using credits. There is no fee to use any credits. Credits expire after 3 years. 

Updates to the Terms:

Updates to these terms can occur at any time, and without notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on the MDP website/blog or other site. Further participation in the Referral Program after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.

Redeeming Credits: MDP CREIDTS will automatically appear in this table,  MDP Credits may not be exchanged for any cash or money. MDP CREDITS can be transferred to any person. An authorization form shall be completed for the amount transferred and to whom it would be transferred to. To redeem a credit you must send in an email requesting use of credits. For orders, promotions, or products, all orders must be done manually to apply credit. Please contact to place your order. You can order a gift card/certificate with your credits, that may be given to another person as a gift towards any photo session or towards any regular priced item.. Certificates will be deducted off the current active pricing guides upon the date received. Credits are good on normal retail pricing only. Not to be combined with any other offers unless authorized by Mark or Lindsay.

Minimum Orders: Minimum orders with credits is 100.00 excluding shipping and other charges.

Multiple Referrals:

A referred friend may only use one referring person on their contract. If a referred friend receives multiple referrals, only the corresponding referrer in the agreement will be used by the referred friend to receive the bonus.

Rewards: Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to the Participant. Participants are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability.

Calculation: Each month, week, year certain calculations will be made. It may not be actively updated or updated in real time due to the complexity of the program where manual inputs must be made. There are no exceptions in error calculations to be made. Corrections will be updated to fix errors in the event of an over charge or under charge of credits.

How to earn credits: 

Referring: Tell friends and family about your experience with me! When they email in, you receive a credit. If they book you will be credited!  Weddings ultimately have the higher referral bonus. Engagement, Family and individual sessions follow.

Winning Credits: If you have won credits through a contest or other event, these credits expire 6 months after issue. You can set up a future session using your credits before the 6 months deadline of expiry and they will be converted to a scheduled shoot which does not apply. Sessions with credits used must be accompanied by a retainer payment even if the credits exceed the value of the session.

Sharing: This is the easiest way. When we post your blog and you publicly share it, that helps you get photo stats and blog shares. Each public share from our facebook that you and your family do will count as credits! When you share your photo views go up almost instantly. On average one blog share yields 10,000 photo views. I can provide you with a customized link if you have not worked with me. This will track clicks and views! The system can only find public shares, also private shares may be to appease you as it is shared only with you so you see it. These shares do not apply, but are tallied at 1/4 of the public share value.

Purchasing: Every product I offer has a referral bonus set up ready to give back! Print sales offer a great return, while purchasing upgrades to your album and purchasing your disc will give an even better referral bonus! Gift cards also give a great return, you get your bonus and a great gift for the family or friend.

Facebook: The ultimate way to gain credits. Engage with your friends and family each like on our posts of your event or individual photo gets $.10 per like!

Photoviews: Photo Views are a rolling count for 1 year, Stats delete after 12 months. Photoviews are quite easy, it takes 1 share to get approximately 10,000 photo views! Your friends and family would love to see the photos so go ahead! Get the bonuses too! Photoviews translate into how much the share was viewed. The second best way to get easy credits! SHARE!:)

TOP REFERRER: You will receive a bonus thank you for being the top referrer starting December 31st 2016. Bonus shall be up to, but not exceed $2,000.00. The bonus is based off of your referrals you provided through the year!

Redeeming credits: Credits can be redeemed on regular priced items and service. They can not be exchanged for cash except for special event contest or for applicable gift cards.

Using with Discounts: A maximum discount used with credits is 30 percent coupons or up to $200.00 off larger packages. All orders with credits must be done by Mark or Lindsay.

Expiration: Credits expire after 1 year, except credits won as part of a contest. Those credits expire 6 months from the gifted or winning date.

Loss of your gift cards or credits: If you lose, misplace or otherwise it is stolen, there is no replacement available. Just as with any gift card, treat it as cash.
One quick way to get credits if you haven’t hired me for work is to click the LINDSAY RACHAEL EVENTS LINK BELOW. Earn up to 150.00 in credits applied towards my packages when you hire her! How awesome!


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