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Investment pyramid

Are you saving enough for retirement? Photographers and creative professionals I’m just like you.

Creative professionals, are you saving enough for retirement? I woke up this morning, 37 years old, realizing I no longer have a full retirement package from where I worked as a police officer. Panicking, wondering, if I amView full post »

HoneyBook for photographers-faster booking, happier clients.

HoneyBook for Photographers-faster, better bookings.  Curious? HoneyBook is offering a free trial, 50% off their subscription and excellent customer service! This is a promotion post. Use the link previous for a free trial, join theView full post »

DJI Battery Failure Phantom 2 Phantom 3

Buying DJI Drones, Phantom Inspire think again – My experience was simple but horrible and regretful

Welcome; I am not much of a complainer towards companies and I don’t leave bad reviews, negative comments or request compensation typically but, this company tops the scale for bad customer service. Granted they’re a bigView full post »

DJI Phantom Mods / Secrets – How to stream audio over any livestream

Looking for a way to stream external audio tracks over your Phantom livestream? I was struggling to find a way to livestream with music through the DJI Phantom, DJI GO, DJI GO 4 apps while I was flying my drone. The concept occured when IView full post »

2017 Photography Challenge | A year long assignment to better your skills!

2017 Photography Challenge Join the facebook group here. Well, now that the 2016 year has come and gone, we can look forward to an amazing new year! Progress, new innovative ideas, things to make ourselves better, and be a positive influence onView full post »

Nailing the sparkler exits | Wedding long exposure tips

Long exposure sparkler photographs and sparkler exits Are sparkler exits and long exposure photographs during your weddings on your mind? Whether it is drawing words in the air or creating swirls around the coupleView full post »

daytona beach logo

What to do while on vacation in Daytona Beach | Locals Guide

Daytona Beach Vacation | The Local’s Guide   You’re probably just like me. Searching out things to do while you’re on vacation. I hope to give you a glimpse on things I enjoy doing here as a local. DaytonaView full post »

Long Exposure Workshop – Night and Star Photography

DATES: September 30th 2016 | October 28th 2016 | November 26th 2016 Have you seen the buzz going around about long exposure photography? Have you wanted to try it for yourself? With my workshop we’ll go through severalView full post »

Pallet Gear Sliders for Photography Product Reviews

Photography and Lifestyle Product Reviews

Product Reviews and gadgets  for photography and home lifestyle products Welcome to the Product Reviews that will make your life easier. I spend the money and time to make sure my friends and family have the best option. Even my mom now is betterView full post »

Solove 20000 mah charger Product Reviews for usb portable devices

Solove Charger Portable Review high capacity 20000 mah: You want your daughter’s to bring this home.

Solove Charger Portable battery Charger Review I purchsed the Solove Charger 20,000 <— Grab yours here! mah about 1 month ago. My reviews are after a few weeks of use, and this one ROCKS! I was surprised by the quality and accessories.View full post »

Mentoring – Education, Shadowing and Content Review for Photographers

Photography Mentoring might be hard to find, but if you are looking for someone locally or worldwide, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of options to help you learn about photography. Check out some of the different itemsView full post »


Sales and Coupons Welcome! I am a central Florida photography and you’ve found my Sales and coupon page! You’ve found it, my secret page! Here’s where you need to come to check out savings that we put out. These are ourView full post »

White Balance Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom made easy with just a few steps for Canon and Nikon

White Balance Tutorial – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC White Balance doesn’t have to have you biting your nails whether in camera, or in your post processing software like Lightroom. I created a useful and easy to understand tutorialView full post »

Photography Tips 2016 featuring: Silica Gel packets

Photography Tips 2016 Here are some Photography tips 2016 that may help you! Wow, can you believe that 2016 has already hit us and midway through the year you’re probably looking for the upcoming photography tips to help you better yourselfView full post »

Lightroom Diamond “bright like a diamond” preset local adjustment

Lightroom Diamond “Bright Like a Diamond” Preset Need a quick fix on diamond rings? Check out the Lightroom Diamond tutorial here to make rings pop in pictures! You can also take a look at some examples of rings that have used the presetView full post »

FAA restriction and guidelines for drone

FAA restriction and guidelines for drone Newly listed FAA restriction and guidelines for DRONE UAV, UAS and RC aircraft with camera or gopro There was a post earlier today on the FAA website about the FAA restriction and guidelines for drone, thatView full post »

The 5diii! Good deal on amazon right now.

Was  scrolling through tonight and came across the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens. This has a kit lense if you will but it is in an L So it might fit what you need. Check out theView full post »

Selling prints and photography products isn’t that hard! Start here. I was once lost too! Smugmug Coupon Print selling sites are worth it!

Ask yourself this question: “Do I need to be selling prints?” The answer is yes, yes you do. I once had a hard time figuring out how and where to sell prints, and even if I didn’t want to sell I wanted to simply give a gallery forView full post »

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