Jodi + Jason


You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day despite the threat of rain that came in the forecast the week leading up to their wedding! I promise you when I say if it rains we’ll make something beautiful out of it. No, I don’t want it to rain, but with some simple problem solving and technique I can turn that into something beautiful! Look how stunning Jodi is in her dress! I’m not a fashionista but everything was just perfect! Jason was actually able to see his soon to be bride with a first look just before the ceremony. Jason’s reaction is just priceless! If you were wondering where their wedding was, it was at the Estate on the Halifax here in Central Florida, it makes for one of the best locations. It’s a gem located right in the middle of port orange’s coastal area.  Please share some love in the comments below for the bride and groom! Please share this blog by grabbing the link, images will autopopulate in the preview.

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