Hiring a Destination Photographer for your all your event needs!


Hiring a Destination Photographer for out of state/country weddings!

By Jenn Ross

Are you looking for a destination photographer for your wedding? Well, I can explain a little about why people sometimes ask us why we want to be photographers, and I say it usually begins first with a passion for it which then leads the way to brand new experiences. Since I’ve been working with Mark Dickinson I have come to realize that he loves to travel as much as I do. As I’ve mentioned before, photographers at heart are artists who either subconsciously or consciously want to capture moments and freeze them in their existence to live on forever. For me it’s no surprise that the love and will to travel lies within every artist because it gives us a chance to see something new, see things we’ve never seen before so we can create our art that is inspired by these new places.

Travel also presents challenges that are mostly good and never bad. You never lose anything from being presented with a new challenge, at worst you learn. And that’s not really bad is it? Being a photographer, no matter what your market, challenges make you think quickly, make you problem solve and in the end make you a better artist. You grow and learn and see amazing new places while meeting new people.

Exploring and discovering the world around me is what drives me to leave the familiar in exchange for the unknown.  Also the inexperience of shooting in a new location gives you the experience you need to work fast and get the shot you expect to get every time.

So back to travel, before I began working with Mark and his wife Lindsay, they were already doing destination weddings (and I don’t mean the Florida ones, I know, our state is a destination!) in places like Nicaragua, Italy, and the Dominican Republic. I myself travel a lot photographing bands and live music at festivals across the country. I’ve recently been to LA and Sweden doing various photography projects. The most recent festival I went to was Camp Barefoot 9 in West Virginia in the beautiful blue ridge mountains. Yes, for that weekend we lived inside a John Denver tune. I invited Mark along as a guest and he was able to shoot as well, because he also loves music as much as I do! It was fun to get out of our wedding element and still take photos at an event that we could really enjoy. It never feels like work when you’re surrounded by great friends and incredible live music. But that’s not to say a wedding doesn’t feel almost the same! There’s music, and throughout a day you really get to know the Bride and Groom and their friends and family, so in the end you feel like you’re a new part of the family. And in a way, with our photos, we are!

We are now currently looking forward to a wedding in North Carolina followed by an Ohio wedding in the near future. Between these weddings I will be searching for new festivals that will hopefully say yes to us and give us more opportunities to expand our skills and portfolios.

If you’re looking for a destination photographer for your wedding, look no further–hire us!

But we aren’t just wedding photographers, we can cover any event from commercial to senior portraits, engagements, families, music festivals, sports, you name it and we’ve got it covered!

Contact Mark or Lindsay Dickinson at 386-316-0917 & 386-316-0040

Below are some photos from a recent concert taken in Wilmington, North Carolina!



DSC_9909 DSC_9964



Hilton Riverside Wilmington

Basilica Shrine of St. Mary

Hazlehurst House

Kingston Resorts


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