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We want to submit your wedding to our publishers! To get published fill out the contact form below with as much detail as you know. If you do not know, or do not have a particular category we list please put an X in the box. We love when couples can take the time to submit their wedding details to our “Get Published page”. We then forward this information to the publishers that may take those details and add them to a story. Sometimes the magazine, blog, or inspiration websites may request more information. We also will send you a copy of the information to you so you have for record in case anyone else wants the information. You are able to send them it too and it is conveniently ready for you to send. Fill this out from a computer the contact form SUBMIT button doesn’t show up on a phone

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What does publishing do?

Publishing is a subtle way to tell you that your wedding was amazing. While every wedding is amazing, some standout as inspirational ideas for other brides. We do not have an idea what websites or blogs will want to publish but we submit it to the most relevant one. If your wedding is not selected, please don’t feel bad and think you had a wedding that was less than publishable. Our schedule also allows and restricts us to submit weddings. It takes about 1-2 hours to put a wedding together for publishing. So sometimes we can not guarantee a submission, but rest assured we will definitely try when we have the ability.

To check out where we have been published click here!

Also take a look at some of our published work in A Golden Locket, The knot, The Westchester Wedding Planner, and Wedding Window.

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 Thank you for submitting your wedding! We will be forwarding it to our publishers!

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