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Email mentoring


One of the hardest things about getting help is actually finding someone willing to help. From my beginnings I was looking for a mentor. I ultimately reached out to a local and his response was “why would I train you to be my competition” So looking for help with mentoring and shadowing you can now rest easy that I have always been willing to help. Email Mentoring is perfect for those who live out of state or local that just need that live person to answer their questions when they have some.

P.S.  The photographer who turned me away asked me to do their wedding. So this is exactly why I love mentoring. We’re working on common goals and there are more than enough of us to go around. Lets GO! Lets chat!

What’s Covered


You’ll have access to me personally. I will be able to answer questions for you to provide you with feedback on your photos and do a 10 minute teamviewer session with you to help with anything you may need. You can email in weekly to let me know how you’re doing and get answers to your questions you might have. I’ll be your personal mentor for 1 month.


Generally any topic is good, but lets stay close to photography.  If you’d like to combine one of the other workshops with email I can do that. Limit to 10 great Questions where I will provide detailed feedback and responses to give you a great understanding.


Ten (10) Minutes of remote access either you watch me or I remote in to you and help you with any problems you might have. This way you can have a psudo-hand on experience.

This workshop is done at your leisure, you can work on any three of the topics when you want, but lets be real, we need to get it done soon to get your business thriving! There’s three main subjects we’ll cover that will move you in that direction.  Once you reserve your workshop over to the right, I’ll reach out to you and give you a few starting points. There’s going to be some homework but don’t be afraid. It’s implementations that you will be able to put right to work.

Ready to sign up? Click the LETS GO! Button. If you do not have paypal or need a different method of payment just contact me. Want to do this in a 1/2 day class drop down and we can do it in person and hands on! You will have a teamviewer session with me over Skype and or email review of your final workshop exit.

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Email Mentoring



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