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Destination Wedding Photographer | Traveling the world as a photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

What makes a destination wedding photographer?  It is dynamics, flexibility and hard work. And of course, a love for traveling the world! For many years, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful destination weddings. While really enjoying it, we found a way to make them beneficial to you the, “to-be’s” and flexible for us.  We get a lot of emails and requests that begin with,  “We’d love to have you do our wedding. It is in Jamaica, The Bahamas, or another absolutely beautiful location.” (None yet for Polynesia but we’re open to it of course!).  Our prices vary on locations that we travel to for weddings scheduled as far as Europe, Central and South America. Why select a destination wedding photographer? Because you simply fell in love with the work!

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North Carolina Wedding

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Wonder why we love to travel?

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St. Augustine Wedding Photographer

As photographers we’re already naturally curious and creative people. We love connecting with people, and capturing moments that last a lifetime. Creative people are in love with beautiful places and experiencing new things they’ve never seen before. Not only is it incredibly inspiring to go somewhere new, it’s educational, eye-opening and gives us a greater sense of compassion. Knowing there’s so much more out there than just where we live is a great thing the be aware of, especially when it’s so easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day lives. The same can be said for photographing in a particular area quite often, so the chance to travel for work is like a dream. Also, it is quite obvious that if we see something we’ve never seen before, we are going to absolutely love the chance to capture it our own way, with our own creative tools that made you choose us in the first place. So being a destination travel photographer is one of the greatest jobs in the world, you get paid to work in beautiful, new and exotic environments while connecting with new people and cultures that help us grow as individuals and as artists.

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Wilmington North Carolina Wedding

Our pricing for destination weddings are based on our local package collections.  For weddings outside of Central Florida and beyond we have a destination fee/ charge. We do each and every wedding custom quoted for availability, flight and duration.  A lot of couples ask for an explanation of the destination charge. To begin, when we are away from our studio we cannot do the full work load as normal while on the road. Since most destination weddings and events like this take us away from our home approximately 6 days–flying to and from, event day and 7-10 days if driving. It means no work other than the dedication to you. While it’s not an inconvenience to us, we just ask for compensation, as if we were having work so we can keep our business going, since we are dedicating ourselves to you.

With the packages we offer, our travel charges are also required to be paid by the couple so that we again are providing you a package plus the benefit of having us there for your wedding day. What that includes or is required:  airfare for myself and Lindsay, a rental car, fuel, and other incidentals directly related to travel, in travel conditions and changes that may have to be made. The hotel accommodations are also required for a minimum of 2 nights for single day events and 3 nights for 2 day events (rehearsal, wedding day, and 4 days for rehearsal, wedding and day after shoots).  We do like it when we can stay at the hotel where the bride may be getting ready, or the location where the entire event will take place. I’d love to hear about your wedding story and begin a beautiful relationship traveling abroad with you and your peace of mind of having someone by your side who’s work you love!

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Italy Destination  Wedding Photographer


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Dominican Republic Destination Photographer


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Jamaica Wedding Photographer

Dominican Destination Wedding PINIMAGE

DR Wedding Photographer

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That being said, if you have any questions at all please email Lindsay or I in the contact form. We’ll be here to answer any questions, and would love to work along side you and your fiance on your day!





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