Copyright | Image License

Copyright | Image License

What is copyright and image licensing? Mark Dickinson Photography retains all copyright on photographs, albums, canvases, CD/DVDs, and other photographic media. When you purchase a CD/DVD an image license is included. What does that mean? This image license allows you to print your images from your disc at a professional printing lab. BUSINESSES CLICK HERE FOR COMMERCIAL LINKS

PERSONAL USAGE: Our Copyright and Image license policy is as follows:

  • You may use a professional printing lab that specializes in printing such as (or order from This is not valid from one hour stores such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Cosco, Target, grocery stores, and etc. We have the right to restrict any location at any time.
  • You may print from home or office, but note that using nonprofessional printing equipment may decrease the quality of your images.
  • You may display images on social media pages as long as our logo is visible on the image or credit is given.
  • You may share your gallery online in the website with anyone you wish.
  • You may buy the licensed disc in a custom case + print release at the current price listed which includes all images in your gallery.
  • You may purchase additional copies of your disc by contacting us via email, website, or phone.
  • Sharing of our images, watermark, logo is permitted as to not cause harm, injure, deface or use in any manner determined as offensive to the business.
  • Websites owned by Mark Dickinson Photography are permitted to be used in tagging, sharing, and credit.
2. You may not do the following:
  • You may not use your images for commercial use or for profit. (road sign with your business name *bilboard)
  • You may not scan any of your prints. This includes any prints purchased from our website or prints purchased through a professional printing lab. (This includes any and all photographs taken by Mark Dickinson/Mark Dickinson Photography from 1999-Present).
  • You may not screen print, screen capture, or use any other method of copying images from our website. Any photos printed without our logo will result in a cancellation of your photography package and you will be billed $200.00 for each copyright infringement. This also includes any illegal copying of our images uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook.
  • You may not make copies of the disc and send it to anyone other than yourself.
  • You may not edit any images under license. If you want an image edited please request it prior to your CD/DVD is made. Editing of our photographs after license is given is not permitted. Black and white, sepia, and selective color and other pencil sketches, solarizing, and any other  than listed previously is not allowed without permission.
  • You may not crop our logo out of photographs if they are affixed.

BUSINESSES USAGE: If you desire to use the images you must do the following:

  • If the image is not credited directly on the image you must include a link in the content of the website with a physical hyperlink that links directly to
  • If the image has the logo or credit listed on it, you MUST leave it as is.
  • For unrestricted non/credited work, you must purchase a commercial use license. This may range from $100.00 to $500.00 depending on the use, frequency, and availability
  • if you use our images outside of the terms and without permission, or without credit, you will be billed the max for usage and a $1000.00 image violation charge to be included.
  • 10 days will be given to correct any issue. If no correction after 10 days you will be billed and charged for the use of the images without permission and may include the 1000.00 image fine as indicated above.
Revocation of license and use of images
  • Mark Dickinson Photography does have the right to revoke the license unless agreed upon license is contractual. Any open ended licenses can be revoked at any time and monies paid will be prorated on the frequency of use and time used.
  • Once revocation is given, either by email, mail, or certified mail, production must end and future production must be removed from queue or usage.
  • Any agent or person working for or under Mark Dickinson Photography can issue the revocation by any method above. The notice will come from any email address, or letter head with pen written signature.
  • Failure to remove after notification will result in a 10.00 per day use of the images for each location used. (i.e website, blog, social media) would be 3 location, and 30.00 per day use for those three sites.
  • Disputes will be filed with Volusia county court system within the time frames allowed by law. Removal of the images after notification of charges is not a “wipe-free” of the money owed for the use during the revocation removal process
If you have any questions about anything not covered, please ask and please contact us via email for documentation of your permission request, questions, and granting of license for your protection.