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About Mark Dickinson Photography

I want to have a blast photographing your wedding or event! The experience I provide has lead me to so many thank you cards, notes and hugs at the end of our session. It's what drives me to be even better and keep providing an experience that will amaze you!

Mark Dickinson Photography is based out of Daytona Beach and travels internationally for weddings, and larger events. I have been in business since 1999 and absolutely love photography for my job. I hope it shows in the photography that you're exploring. When I started the business I thought about how to make sure that I make a great name for myself. Thankfully I have an awesome team that does help me do that including my wife!

Since the beginning I have evolved into creating a style that I personally love. I minimize the use in Photoshop with shooting techniques. My sparkler, night and rain shots are examples on a non photo-shopped image. So when you're browsing and see those, know it is within the art of the camera that those occur. There's nothing better than sharing a photo right off of the camera to you or immediately thereafter through our day of shoot sample upgrade! I can remote into the camera and grab a few shots to share to you so your friends and family can see everything. Trust me they'll be jealous when you tell them you just left the photoshoot and photos are already being shared!:)

Want more information? Of course fill out the 
Website Contact Form! I'll be glad to give you all the information you need. If you're ready to book you can do the same and I can have you signed up today!

One fun tip for us is that we do a lot of personalized work and meetings. I generally don't do any bridal shows unless they are very intimate, personalized and beneficial to couples to go in and have a great time exploring vendors for their event. Face it, we love the flea-market but don't go there to make sound decisions and intimate shows allow me to do that nearly 1 on 1 for 15-30 minutes of time rather than throw cards at you and then bug you the next few days call and email you persistently like those vendors have to do.