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Segway Ninebot Scooter Review

Well, I pulled the trigger on the Segway Ninebot, I originally went with the Mac Wheel which is great for the price however, I didn’t like the plug location for charging. I don’t like the Segway Ninebot either for lack of charging while folded. I am sometimes hard to get satisfied, but overall the segway is much better for me. The Macwheel offers no ingress protection while the Segway does. In Florida that is a must.  For the value and price on amazon you are better off getting the SEGWAY MAX. It is on sale now for $699 at the time of this post.

The Segway Ninebot offers a 28 mile range, 23-24 realistically as I run it wide open the entire time. The “real” reason (what I told the wife) I purchased it was to pick my daughter up quick and fast from school she rides on the front and hangs on as we get out of there quick. It supports 220 lbs of weight and were under that with her on the front. When it comes down to it, Ill end up getting her a small electric scooter like the Razor Electric for kids.

What I like about the Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter:

Speed and acceleration is pretty much the fastest on the market, the acceleration over the Macwheel I had previously is about 1-2 scooter lengths up to full speed. Top Speed for both is right at 17 mph indicated. The platform and wheels both offer a good ride. The Segway has a half-assed shock in the front that pops when you hit a sidewalk joint that’s uneven. It’s pretty loud. You learn to pop a little wheelie over it thought so adds for a nice fun ride. For general riding I don’t notice if its smoother or not. They’re about the same when riding on normal pavement conditions.

Portability is often misunderstood with the scooters, they’re quite large but they do fold down nicely. They’ll fit in your car and take up about as much room as a set of golf clubs in a bag. The scooter itself weighs about 25 lbs. This isn’t too bad considering the amount of batteries and construction of the unit. The Segway folds down quite nice as does the macwheel. The construction of the rear wheel vs the macwheel folding lock is a lot better on the Segway.

App Control and digital read out is very helpful when riding, I mean you really don’t need to know the speed but its nice to see it. The Segway Ninebot shows it on the handlebar and the Macwheel has no speedometer, only the battery read out.

Why I bought it really

I like tech things and this was up there on the techy need to pair with my tesla. Sometimes I find myself charging in locations and my intended destination is further away than the charger. Well this solves the problem. In addition however picking up the daughter from school is a real fun ride. She loves it and her friends at school get a kick out it. I had a ton of fun riding it the first time. The Segway really has the name plus the ability to produce near range as indicated. As with any electric device the harder you are on it the shorter the battery life between charges.

My Recommendation

Get one that is in your price range, Amazon offers a ton of options.  The Hiboy, Xaomi and Macwheel are really similar. Gotrax and Bird are also great opportunities to enjoy an electric scooter. The Segway comes in priced a little more, for a little more features. The Macwheel priced lower, quality still is great but I traded it in for the Segway and won’t go back:)

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