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Rachel | Devin’s next up on the list:)

October is a busy month, but definitely a special one for everyone. Rachel, Devin, and mom and dad came today to meet with me. I was out for a quick bike ride and missed a call from them. We had the meeting set for 6:30, but since we were able toView full post »

Say congrats to Christina and Patrick!

Christina emailed me at the beginning of February and gave me the best complements. I greatly appreciate those because as an artist, photographer with anyone we are self critical of our own work. I met with Christina, Patrick, and Dad last night. IView full post »

Travis & Melissa

I met up with Travis & Melissa at Ponce Inlet for their engagement shoot. It was quite chilly but we made it work and had fun together. They will be getting married at the beautiful Indigo Lakes Golf Club on February 20. I look forward toView full post »

Richard & Stephanie

Congratulations to Richard & Stephanie on their upcoming April wedding! Yesterday I met with them to do their engagement shoot. We all had such a fun time and I am so happy for this couple. We started at the Port Orange City Center with shots byView full post »

Corinne and TJ – Getting Married!:) And Engagement Pics

This is kinda worth a little story. I think I met Corinne in like 3rd grad or 4th, its kinda fuzzy back then. But thats ok. I remember Chris and Corrine (brother|sister) they’ve always been really nice. So, I am glad and honored to be able toView full post »

A Dream Was Made Real!

Michelle, the wedding planner ( for MJ and Fred’s wedding did exactly what she does perfect! Erica with Keeka Productions Videotaped and Celebrations DJ made the sound alive. The wedding venue was Our Lady of Hope, andView full post »

Bill & Carland

Congrats to Bill & Carland on their upcoming wedding, October 9th! They have chosen the Perfect Bliss package, which includes a free engagement shoot. I look forward to working with them in the future. Keep posted for updates on their engagementView full post »

OCTOBER 2010 Weddings almost filled up!

The remaining days left in October excluding weekdays are October 30th and 31st. As you know I do have two assistants that do work for me that are more than capable for weddings, that being the reason why they work for me! SO if you do need any dateView full post »

Thank you cards! I love them!

Nicole and Jayson, Tammy had sent in a thank you card. They are nice to see that you are definitely appreciated when they see the photos and realize the memories that are captured! Comments commentsView full post »

Meghan had a good question!

Hey! I tried to figure it out myself but I have NO CLUE what I did so I thought maybe you could help me because no one else I know is as good w/ a camera as you. I was shooting outside yesterday and some how changed my image size to RAW. When IView full post »

Mark Dickinson Asleep after a long day editing LOL

Edits Edits Edits

If you didn’t know what I do during the day when im not working on shoots… Edits and uploads. When you edit all the photos in a shoot to make them the best they can be with post processing it does take time. Here’s a few crazyView full post »

Prop-Jet Photoshoot today – Where’d Martin go?!

What a fun bunch! The guys at Prop-Jet are fun to work around. Martin was stuck in Key West due to the inclement weather. I met with a few of the guys there to get the rest of the planes that were there. They were taking the Turbo Piper Seminole.View full post »

Mark you do a Free Engagement shoot with your weddings???

Yes! The answer is absolutely. The best thing about e-pics and doing them is it benefits both the client and photographer when you get to do these. Especially if you are having a wedding coming up that I am hired for.  With any of the weddingView full post »

Photography Questions & Answers with Chris and Sue Corradino

Episode I: Fall Foliage. Location: Harriman State Park, New York All still images are copyright © 2009 by Chris Corradino. Comments commentsView full post »

Engagement Photos in Daytona Beach

Amanda and Randy Engagement Photos and Wedding

I met up with Amanda and Randy today at Callegrande to do their engagement photos. I think we got them just right. It was perfect between the light and the temperature after these few frozen days we’ve had. I offer the engagement shoots at noView full post »

mark dickinson in bed blogging

Blogs Blogs Blogs? WHY

Yeah, i really took a pic of me blogging in bed with the macOk, Im not much of a blogger. I was gonna have a friend help me with it since I dont have a lot of time to write blogs about my photography. It’s hard to keep up with everything as itView full post »

Andrew & Rachel

It was my first in Port St. Lucie and I was glad to be there. The neatest thing of all from being away from home… is that I ran into someone I knew. They were married on the beach in Port St Lucie at the Douglas Beach. Storm Clouds wereView full post »

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