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Review: CamFi – Canon or Nikon – Wireless transmitter for $135.00 CamFi wifi Review

CamFi Review Nikon and Canon

Get your CAM FI HERE! CamFi Review: After weeks, months and years of searching for a good alternative to Nikons WT-5a at a ridiculous price of $599.99, I’ve found it. You have to know about it. Now that I’ve been working with the Wifi transmitter from CAM FI for a few days I’ve been looking for a wireless transmitter for my D700, D4’s and other cameras we have! Here it is…


If you do not have a camera that is wifi enabled, you will soon realize after a few uses of this device of how you are in the dark ages. While wireless doesn’t make you a great photographer, the convenience of having access to settings wirelessly is a must. It’s handy while doing time lapses and other shots where you want to be able to control the camera remotely. You’ll be able to effortlessly retrieve images, view settings, take photos and be connected with one more device for the better.

In the box. 

Review for Camfi Wireless trigger controllerPINIMAGE img_1244PINIMAGE img_1245-1PINIMAGE

CamFi Mark Dickinson ReviewPINIMAGE img_1247PINIMAGE Camfi Live view ReviewPINIMAGE

You’ve already got your phone, tablet or other connected device, so this is a perfect tool for your toolbox. It’s small and takes up very little space and connects directly into the camera’s side. This literally is the best thing I’ve purchased in the past 6 months when looking to ease my life with photography technology.

Review of Camfi WirelessPINIMAGE

I have tried almost every wireless option; eyefi, and the wireless transmitter wt-4. Everything was an issue with me and they were limited to that particular model based off of Nikon’s proprietary manufacturing. The new devices that Nikon put’s out don’t even work with my older d3’s and the d800. Which again is why this will make your life easier. Take it to your other digital cameras as well as the ones you’re currently using now.

Under normal conditions the battery is lasting up to specs and I have not had any trouble after a few days of use. Battery maintenance is always key however with any electronic device.

Since I photograph weddings, I want to offer a fast way to display slideshows of the wedding or have a live view of it. My D4’s don’t have that…

CamFi Screen ReviewPINIMAGE 417a0T4x+PLPINIMAGEus-iphone-5-camfiPINIMAGE

This has to be the best option for you if you are new to the game and wanting to be able to stream your photos instantly, work from a tablet to auto-focus, and make changes. I absolutely love it! Head on over to amazon and get one. Thank’s for reading! See more reviews here:

CamFi ReviewHere’s the specs from

Basic specification

Equipment Sizes

3.54in * 1.73in * 1.02in


1800 mA lithium battery

6 hours


50 meters




150 Mbps

Software Requirements

iOS 8.0 and above / Android 4.0 and above
Windows XP and above / Mac OS X 10.10 and above

Support camera

1Dx 5D II 5D III 5Ds 5Dsr 6D 7D 7D II 50D 60D
70D 100D 500D (T1i) 550D (T2i) 600D (T3i) 650D (T4i) 700D (T5i) 1100D (T3) 1200D
Df D3 D3s D3x D4 D90 D300 D300s D600 D610
D700 D750 D800 D810 D3200 D3300 D5000 D5100 D5200 D5500
D7000 D7100 D7200





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