Ryan Gerber – Very thoughtfully planned engagement

I am still amazed to be part of this, part of their special moment and capturing it at the same time!

I’m on my way down to the Keys right now, thinking about photos, jamming to music and making the mood plan out in my head. Yeah, sometimes that’s all it takes. But I’ve got a pretty once in a moment shoot ahead of me where I will have the raw emotion to capture during this priceless time. I don’t think I have ever received an inquiry about doing the engagement capture. I guess the guy proposing has enough on his mind. So tomorrow I will make this extra special for them. Ryan and his fiance have been dating for over 5 years. I have a little familiarity in this because it took me about that long to work up the nerve. The weather is pretty with white fluffy clouds and a hot sun. So I’m hoping that it stays that way when we’re shooting and if not I’ve got water resistant equipment so we’re ready to improvise! Want to surprise your fiance with a shoot like this? Out of the area is a little more expensive, but we can travel to NYC, Atlanta, or any other major city. Why hire someone to travel with you? It’s the familiarity, the access ability of someone close in your area. These moments are priceless and you really don’t want to leave it to someone you don’t trust.

While we’re down here we’ll have a little bit of some fun. We’re staying at the Albury Court which is a quasi-Bed & Breakfast. It’s beautiful there, easily located and we frequent the area so it’s a hookup! The rooms range from $140-250/night so check it out if you ever get a chance!

Ryan called about 3 weeks ago and inquired about getting photos done down in Key West. Then he wen’t into how he is going to propose to his girlfriend. He’d been tricking her by continuing the shopping for a ring even though he had one picked out. We had a 30 minute conference over the phone and decided to scout out some areas. Using google earth and his ideas we located the best location: Fort Zachary Taylor Park in the Key West Naval District. I went the day before to rehearse the location with my wife Lindsay. The next day, right on cue at 7:03 I noticed a white convertible and two people getting out and looking around. I started snapping shots when they arrived and got out of the car. The only indicator that I was there was parking the car in reverse so he could see where the entrance was. I was hidden in the seagrapes and shooting in. He walked down the path then headed west toward the sun setting at the end of the rocks. I was sitting with random people talking to them to get cover incase she looked back. People loved it and were watching too since they had an inside scoop. The 10 minute slideshow began to play as he stopped at the set of rocks. From there Perry kneeled and started to watch the slideshow. She knew about 1/2 way through something was up and Ryan said he noticed some shaking. The slideshow ended with an empty ring box and I noticed Ryan shimmying the box up from his pocket and started down on a knee, Perry’s knees bent as if she was gonna jump but put her hand out and he slipped it on. She gave him a kiss and then the jump came, right up onto him wrapping her legs around him squeezing him and you could easily see the excitement and joy in both!

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